Alcohol Addiction Info

Alcohol Addiction Info
Stimulation of acupuncture points on the ear for addictions is a useful tool in relieving the symptoms of withdrawal, including decreasing the severity of cravings, body aches, headaches, nausea, sweating and muscle cramping. People also report that they sleep better, feel less depressed and more relaxed. Based on 3000 years of Chinese medicine, ear acupuncture is being used in over 1000 addiction treatment centers in North America. Lifestyle Behaviours that respond well to Low-Level Laser Therapy include the abuse of alcohol. Withdrawal from alcohol can be difficult, but with the advancement of Low-Level Laser technology withdrawal and cravings can be minimal or non-existent. If you have never experienced a real addiction, then it may be hard to understand. You may be tempted to criticize, lecture or moralize. We all know that approach doesn’t work. The addiction centers in the mind and it is the only disease that tries to convince people that they don’t have it. Psychologists call this the state of denial.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms

      Many people are stuck in a cycle of addiction because their unhealthy lifestyle behavior is a substitute for healthy coping mechanisms. This means their emotional growth was stunted at some point and it stays that way until they recover. Using alcohol feels like a quick escape solution but always results in serious long-term health and relationship problems. Far from seeking substance abuse treatment, many addicts and alcoholics persist in self-destruction despite knowing the extreme consequences. You want to quit but you feel trapped. It has nothing to do with will power. Your brain is physically addicted to “feeling good” and demands the substance. How long will it take to overcome your addiction? Every person and situation is different. But if you are ready to begin, The Stop Smoking Clinic is a positive step towards freedom.

The challenge:

        • To replace the physical need, relieve the physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
        • To detoxify and repair your body as it heals.
        • To learn new ways to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.
        • To change and avoid the environment and people who encourage your addiction or habit to continue.

The Laser treatment process helps you:

      Deal with your physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms by using Low-Level Laser on energy points (acupuncture) on the ears, fingers, wrists, and feet. Detoxify and repair your body with nutritional supplements, herbs and exercise to help you with healthy ways to cope with life and keep you on track – otherwise known as behavior modification. The treatment helps you meet that challenge using a holistic approach to healing. First, you need to be truly committed to stopping your addiction. Second, you need to stop the alcohol. That leaves a void that must be filled before you can learn new ways to deal with life. The treatment fills that gap by addressing physical dependence and withdrawal, and more. Our technicians are committed to your success and will teach you positive lifestyle changes. Initially, sessions should be scheduled 3 times within 8 days. Staying off alcohol depends on your determination and support system. Alcohol Addiction Info.
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