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Our Smoking Cessation Info Program has been created by professionals – Certified Laser Technician, and Health Experts to help you easily and quickly QUIT SMOKING! Our Laser Therapy is FDA and Health Canada approved. This is THE easy way to stop smoking. Laser to stop smoking therapy. The Stop Smoking Clinic has been successful in helping thousands of smokers just like you to stop smoking in less than an hour. Our unique smoking cessation programs have become widely recognized as being the most effective way to Stop Smoking. It does not matter how long you have been smoking, how many cigarettes you smoke, how many times you have tried to quit in the past, or even if the mere thought of stopping fills you with anxiety and fear, we can help you!

– How Does Nicotine Addiction Work?
Smoking Cessation Info: Smoking dependence has been said to parallel that of much harder drugs. The psychological and physiological dependency can be even harder to overcome due
to the availability of cigarettes or vaping and its easy dependence. Most quit smoking programs are based on nicotine replacement methods, cutting down, weaning off, cold turkey. Many of these programs are using nicotine to help you quit nicotine… does that make sense to you? These programs only have up to a 29% success rate because they only deal with the physical part of the addiction.
– Why Nicotine Replacements Fail (Gum, Patches, Inhalers & Pills)
Smoking Cessation Info: As long as any nicotine remains in the bloodstream, the body will keep craving it. Cutting down on cigarettes or using nicotine replacements simply throws the smoker into a chronic state of drug withdrawal. As soon as the smoker fails to reach the minimum requirement of nicotine, the body starts demanding it, whether from a cigarette or more nicotine replacements.
A November 2003 study found that as many as 6.7% of nicotine gum “quitters” were still chronic users at six months, three months beyond FDA use guidelines.
In other words, they are now “addicted” to the Nicotine Replacement! Experts have compared the use of nicotine replacements to quit smoking to a drinker
switching from Rum to Vodka – it doesn’t stop the addiction. Our Smoking Cessation Program Approach Using a step-by-step approach, we begin with a brief initial consultation to understand your habits and undergo a medical intake to determine your specific needs. When you are ready, you will receive your first 30-minute laser therapy session for smoking cessation. You will experience results immediately. Your second or third 30-minute treatment visit will be scheduled at your convenience. The quitting smoking program includes a total of 3 treatments within the first year at NO extra cost.
– The Stop Smoking Clinic treats All Aspects of Quitting Smoking: Smoking Cessation Info: 

The treatment stimulates powerful endorphins that replace the physical need for nicotine while you detoxify, thereby almost completely eliminating the cravings. The treatment is applied to your hands, face, and Ears. A slight warm or tingling sensation, but many of our patients feel nothing. After your treatment, you are able to return home or to work. You’ll feel relaxed, and will sleep deeper and better. Quitting smoking has never been easier.

Smoking Cessation Info: During the quit smoking treatment, you learn how to eliminate negative thoughts and cravings, to recognize triggers and patterns, and to cope with the stresses of life, without nicotine. The program includes printed information to remind you how to stay in control. If you need more help, our staff is always willing to give you ongoing support.
Smoking Cessation Info: Our Detox Program will result in Decreased Nicotine in your system (with no nicotine in your body, it will help you not to physically crave). Reduced Stress Levels (less stress, less chance to smoke), Increased Body Repair (from all the damage of the years of smoking), and increased Circulation (so that your body can pump oxygen better) (detox is sold separately).
What to expect during treatment?
Smoking Cessation Info: Relax on a reclining treatment chair and listen to soothing music. Our Staff will explain the procedure to you and ask you to wear protective eye-wear. Treatment is given using the best low-level laser equipment on the market today. A hand wand is applied to various acupuncture points the hands, face, and Ears.
Each point is held for 30 seconds. You may feel a slightly warm or tingling sensation, but many of our patients feel nothing. As the points are stimulated with the laser light, your body will begin to release endorphins and other powerful neuro-chemicals which cause a pleasant sense of relaxation.
After the treatment
Smoking Cessation Info: You’ll feel refreshed, calm, and best of all your desire for nicotine will have evaporated. We will provide you with a recommendation for a nutritional supplement regime to aid in your detoxifying process. The Stop Smoking Clinic only quality brands for your convenience. We’ll follow up with a phone call to see how you’re progressing at regular intervals after the treatment – we like to keep in touch with our clients and hear your success stories!
What to do if you have a craving?
Smoking Cessation Info: Most of our clients – over 90% in fact – never experience cravings after their laser therapy treatment.
If you are one of the minorities who do, perhaps due to unforeseen stressful events, you can use your 2nd treatment within 1 week of your original session. Further sessions can be arranged depending on individual needs. These sessions are offered to help you remain nicotine and smoke-free within your first year.
Smoking Cessation Info
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