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Thanks to The Stop Smoking Clinic I am proud to call myself a smoke-free patient. With their comfortable atmosphere and highly trained staff, I was happy to know that they took the time to educate me during the process of the treatment. I am completely satisfied and I highly recommend The Stop Smoking Clinic.

Jay, Graphic Designer


I’ve tried to quit smoking and drinking so many times. It felt like I was wasting my life as everything I tried didn’t work. No better combination than a drink and smoke! A friend of mine referred me to The Stop Smoking Clinic. Their services also included alcohol addiction. So I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and joined the clinic, the best decision ever! Thanks to everyone at The Stop Smoking Clinic.

Richard, Sales Representative

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After 43 years of smoking, I was finally able to quit with the help of The Stop Smoking Clinic. Best decision of my life. Thanks guys!

Simone, Retired


I started smoking cigarettes at a young age and thank God I was able to quit young too. I regret the first day I put a cigarette to my lips. I’ve been wanting to quit for a while but the addiction stuck to me like glue. The smell of it made me gag but something kept me going, until I found out about The Stop Smoking Clinic. They answered all my questions on that very first phone call, I was impressed. Ty <3

Gina, Interior Designer


I’m so proud of myself for achieving something I never thought I’d do. The staff members at The Stop Smoking Clinic helped me get through it. It feels great to call myself a non-smoker again. Thank you staff

Paul, Journalist


As a couple, we tend to do everything together. Quitting smoking was one of those things. We were able to support each other throughout the process which made it easier to cope with. And besides, with our wedding planned for next year, it allowed us to save ourselves a lot of money for our honeymoon. We’re so grateful to The Stop Smoking Clinic for guiding us on the right path. Thank you guys so much.

John and Amber, Married


I use to wake up every morning and first thing I did was light up a cigarette, after a shower, or with my coffee and it was the same thing after every meal. One day I got to work and one of my co-workers nearly gagged off the cigarette smell coming from my clothes. That’s when I decided to join The Stop Smoking Clinic and put a permanent end to this disgusting habit. Thanks for the help!

Yvan, Construction


I quit smoking with The Stop Smoking Clinic on Feb 15, 2018. I smoked for 20 years, and loved it! I would have a cigarette the minute I woke up and never thought I could quit. I still had some cravings however they were not the same kind of cravings I had during previous quit attempts. I’m at week 7 and currently have almost no cravings and I’m excited by this because I didn’t have to use nicotine replacement to get here. Thanks to Sylvie’s support and positive attitude, I couldn’t have done it without her.

Michelle, Retired Teacher

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I never thought I’d have the strength to quit after 47 years of smoking. I used to smoke two and a half packs of cigarettes a day and it got even worse after my husband passed away. Just the thought of not having him around anymore made me become a heavy chain smoker. My sister-in-law suggested that I join The Stop Smoking Clinic to help control my addiction. I was finally able to quit smoking. I can breathe better now. Thank you.

Nicole, Retired


I had gone into The Stop Smoking Clinic to help me quit smoking after smoking 1-2 packs a day walked in there stressed, nervous, moody, and more but after treatment, I walked out calm, happy and so much more I was so happy it worked and now 5.5 years later I’m still smoke-free.: staff was great and I recommend them to everyone I know and even people that I don’t. THANK YOU for helping me kick the smokes.

Georgina, Nurse

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I’ve only started smoking 6 years ago. I’ve attempted to quit several times already but without any success. I came across The Stop Smoking Clinic website on the internet and I finally decided it was time to give up this toxic addiction of mine and give these guys a call. My appointment was scheduled for the following day. Talk about quick service! The laser treatment works, I’ve been 3 months, and now I can spin records without craving a cigarette every 15 minutes. Sylvie was very helpful so thanks to you for your support throughout the whole process. Thank you and don’t stop the music.

Jacob, Disk Jockey

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As a substitute teacher, I think it’s only right to set a good example for my 7th-grade class students. I remember one day welcoming the students back to our classroom after a lunch break and one of my students remarked how bad I reeked of cigarettes, it was like a slap in the face, I remember leaving the classroom for a minute to spray a bit of perfume to cover the cigarette smell. I was embarrassed, to say the least. So I gave it up and am proud to call myself a smoke-free substitute teacher. Thanks, guys!

Madison, Substitute Teacher

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