Our mission has been to help smokers permanently stop smoking. We are in existence to help smokers with their battle against smoking cigarettes, vaping, or chewing tobacco. At The Stop Smoking Clinic, we aim to improve wellness reduce a smoker’s desire to smoke, and make quitting easier.

Want to Learn More About Us? The Stop Smoking Clinic leads the industry when it comes to helping people reach their goals. The Stop Smoking Clinic offers group treatments, workplace programs, and mobile services! Laser Therapy is a low-level laser therapy that helps relieve anxiety and stress using advanced, complementary, drug-less therapies in some areas of addiction and self-improvement. Laser therapy helps suppress cravings for nicotine, and cope with the withdrawal symptoms to stop smoking for good. Laser therapy is a tremendous aid to help accelerate weight loss speed up metabolism, control hunger cravings, and increase endorphin levels.